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Theme Builder

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SharePoint branding tool for colors and fonts

ThemeBuilder is a huge timesaver with over 90 different SharePoint codes for a color palette and font scheme. SharePoint codes are grouped by their functionality into Top Bar, Suite Bar, Navigation, Headings and Text...

In the latest updates:
- Start with SharePoint blue theme
- Reuse the color palette files.
- Upload existing color palettes and continue working on them.
- Save your work on a color palette and pick up where you left at any time.
- Choose between two previews for the Suite bar: "SharePoint online" and "SharePoint 2013".

User Guide

Create new theme

1. Click on Site Contents 
2. Click on "ThemeBuilder" 
3. Write theme name in "Theme name" 

4. Click on "Fonts" tab and use dropdown to set fonts 

5. Click on "Top Bar" tab and use color picker to set colors

6. Work your way through the tabs and color pickers 
7. Click on "Save" button to save your work 

Switch between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint online (Office 365) preview

1. Select "SharePoint" option to get SharePoint 2013 preview 
2. Select "SharePoint online" to get SharePoint online (Office 365) preview 

Use existing color palette

1. Open Site Contents 
2. Click on "ThemeBuilder" 
3. Select the theme from the dropdown 

4. Existing color palette can be your own color palette or one of the standard SharePoint color palettes 

Apply the theme

1. Open Site Contents 
2. Click on "ThemeBuilder" 
3. Click on Saved Themes Page 
4. On the page with saved themes, download a copy of .spfont and .spcolor file 
5. Open your SharePoint site 
6. Click on Site Actions and select Site Settings 
7. Click on "Themes" and click on "15" 
8. Upload your .spfont and .spcolor files 
9. Click on Site Actions, and select Site Settings 
10. Click on "Change the look" 
11. Select your colors in "Colors" dropdown 
12. Select your fonts in "Fonts" dropdown - dropdown shows "Title" and "Body" font 
13. Take a look of a theme preview to make sure that you selected the right fonts and colors 

14. Click on "Yes, keep it" 

15. Press "Ctrl" and "F5" on your keyboard (clears browser cache), if you can't see the changes on your site

Theme Builder
Theme Builder
Theme Builder