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Analytics report allows you to see current data, based on search results.

You can sort and filter current report results by

"View All",



"This Site", and


Save the report in the "Saved Reports" library, and manage the results in Excel.

User Guide

Set up

1. Open "Site Contents" 
2. Click on "Analytics" 
- The report for all content, the "View All" report is open 
- To save the current report, click on "Save Report" 
- To view saved reports, click on "Saved Reports" 
- To view report for documents, select "View"->"Documents" 
- To view report for current site, select "View"->"This site" 
- To view report after size, select "View"->"Size" 
- To view report for an author, select "View"->"Author" and enter name in the search box