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ThemeBuilder is available

Save your work on a color palette and pick up where you left at any time

​Tool to change the look and feel of your site​

Last modified at 4/8/2015 by System Account
ThemeBuilder app is a huge timesaver with over 90 different SharePoint codes for a color palette and font scheme. 
SharePoint codes are grouped by their functionality into Top Bar, Suite Bar, Navigation, Headings and Text...
ThemeBuilder provides a preview of a SharePoint site and your colors and fonts applied to SharePoint web parts, lists, libraries, and forms. 
Each element in a preview has a Tooltip with name of the SharePoint code that controls its color.

In the latest update, you can choose between two previews for the Suite bar: "SharePoint online" and "SharePoint 2013".
ThemeBuilder is a tool for building new themes for your site or themes for various sites.
You can use your own fonts and color codes, or you can use a font dropdown and color picker. 
For Chrome browser users, ThemeBuilder comes with complete color picker.
In the latest update, you can reuse the color palette files. You can upload existing color palettes and continue working on them. 
You can save your work on a color palette and pick up where you left at any time.

TileDoc​ Show sites and show documents from other site collections.You can browse down the SharePoint site hierarchy and view subsites, libraries, folders, and documents. You can use breadcrumb to browse back in site hierarchy.
TileDoc app shows your sites, apps, document libraries, asset libraries, folders, and documents as SharePoint tiles. 

TileMaker Link to content and do tiles à la SharePoint, à la Windows, or à la Apple and Google
Your own SharePoint tiles with text, pictures, and links​.

LoginAsAnother is a smart little app. It's a free app that can help you log in to SharePoint on-premise or Office 365 as another user.

​​Click here​ to read more about LoginAsAnother user app.

ConnectWithUs app uses SONJASAPPS content on Instagram, YouTube and other communities as an example of how to connect a site and show content from other sites.

ConnectWithUs at Office Store

QuickPoll is simple and easy way to create quick polls and gather feedback from users

​​QuickPoll at Office Store​​

ThemeFonts is a free edition of ThemeBuilder. has a WYSIWYG designer for working and applying fonts to a SharePoint site.

Read more and download ThemeFonts ​

​​MySite Branding app - doing the impossible - WYSIWYG Designer and branding also for personal MySites - now without a web part!

Read more about MySite Branding

MySiteBranding at Office Store

CalendarEvents CalendarEvents is a corporate event calendar with sign up. Just like with a SharePoint calendar, there is a calendar view of all events, and you can export the event to Outlook and get event Title, Location, Start and End time as an appointment. 

CountDown shows how many days, hours, and seconds are there to the event. It shows event title and description.

ITAlerts Show and manage important messages and news from IT department 

ITAlerts app allows you to manage messages (alerts) in a simple list. Easy to add. Easy to edit and delete the alerts.​



SimplePages 12 ready to use page layouts, 3 colors, and 3 fonts for Office 365 Small Business public facing site.


You can start adding content to your site, after you add SimplePages page layouts, colors, and fonts to your site.​

Page layouts and the stylesheet are ready to use on your Office 365 public facing site. Content on all 12 page layouts is centered with 0 margin. Content on the page is 920px with 10px margin between content zones. Page layouts range from a very simple "Full page" layout with one content zone to a page layout with 8 content zones.

3 color palettes are black, red and beige background for your site. 3 font schemes are Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman. 



DocumentsTreeView Browse through sites, apps, and folders. Show sites and show documents also from other site collections. Use tree view to browse through sites and folders. Use the tree view to quickly find and edit documents. 

​New documents are marked as "new!" Use the tree view to browse and open sites, apps, document libraries, and folders. Use the "Documents Tree View" App Part to open all documents in Office or in the browser. If you use browser (Office Web Apps) to open documents, you can use the provided embed code to show sites, libraries, folders, and documents on other site collections.


BannerMaker is available Banners can rotate with transitions to slide to left, slide to the right, roll down, roll up, fade, and pulsate.

You can add and format links, images, text, and HTML code. No content, no HTML is stripped by SharePoint in the BannerMaker app. ​




SlideShow can be a little image rotator in the corner, or it can take the whole page. You can use SlideShow to show pictures from an event. Each image has "Link" column for you to set the link to a page or a site. Add few images with links and you have a billboard with images and links for advertising. ​







 Coming Soon

ResponsivePages with more page layouts


And a brand new App ;-)


 Apps in Focus


ResponsivePages 17 ready to use page layouts for SharePoint 2013 on-premise and Office 365 publishing sites.


ResponsivePages at Office Store


Read more​ about ​how responsive in SharePoint 2013 works and how to work with content publishing for mobile devices



SlideShow carousel that rotates the images or billboard with ads.


SlideShow at Office Store


Image Search ImageFinder Quick an effective search app that helps you find the right image and collaborate.


ImageFinder at OfficeStore




TileDoc app shows your sites, apps, document libraries, asset libraries, folders, and documents as SharePoint tiles.
You can browse down the SharePoint site hierarchy and view subsites, libraries, folders, and documents.


TileDoc at OfficeStore


Read more about TileDoc app and document management 


DocumentsTreeView app Find and edit documents. Browse through sites, apps, libraries, and folders. 



ThemeStyles With ThemeStyles, you get 61 new color designs and 12 new fonts for your site. 




CountDown Count down to important events. Add important events to Countdown Events calendar and display them on your site.